Do You Need to Resolve a Property Law Problem in Beaverton, OR

Janzen Legal Services can handle landlord-tenant issues

A number of problems can arise when you own or lease rental properties. You may not have the time to keep up with ever-changing property laws, but we do. That's why Janzen Legal Services, LLC is a top choice for property law help in Beaverton, OR and the surrounding areas, including Portland.

Our experienced lawyers know landlord-tenant law like the backs of their hands. We can explain your rights and take legal action if you've been wronged. If you're struggling to work up a rental agreement, we'll look over what you have and help you improve it. We can also help you create rental agreements from scratch.

When to hire a landlord-tenant attorney

When to hire a landlord-tenant attorney

It's smart to have an attorney in your corner if you own a rental property or you're renting property in the Beaverton, OR area. You may need one if:

  • A tenant has violated their rental agreement
  • A landlord is infringing on your renter's rights
  • Your landlord refuses to make repairs to the property
  • A tenant isn't paying rent
  • A tenant is refusing to leave your property after a valid eviction notice
Our lawyers know the ins and outs of landlord-tenant law and can help you navigate any situation. Get in touch with us today at 503-520-9900 to learn more.