Probate, Intestacy, and Trust Administration

Did your loved one die leaving a will or a trust that needs to be administered or entered into probate?
If so, we can help. We have experienced attorneys who can assist you in administering your family's trust and probating your loved one's will.

Did your loved one leave you property without making a will?
We can help you transfer the property into your own name by filing an intestate probate proceeding.

Is the trustee of your family's trust living in the family home without paying rent? Is the trustee making loans to themselves with trust money? Is the trustee ignoring the terms of the family trust or the will?
If so, that could be a conflict of interest and the trustee could be removed and replaced.

If that is happening to you, please call our office for a consultation. Now your rights when it comes to probate law.

When do you know you are in need of a probate law attorney?

When do you know you are in need of a probate law attorney?

Probate law is the legal process of resolving claims within an estate after the estate of a person has been deceased. Settling estate can be a difficult process, the grief of losing a family member is enough to handle. This last thing you want to think of is handling probate law, yet it needs to be done to ensure that everything is handled. Call the probate law attorneys at Janzen Legal Services and we are happy to help.